Plans to power your project

You only pay for what you use — just actual compute time.

Oupost Hub


Collaborate on machine learning



Host unlimited public/private models and datasets

Create unlimited teams and collaborators

Notebook for your ML

Community support


Advanced collaboration for individuals and organizations

Starting at

$0 per user / month

SSO and SAML support

Notebook custom kernels with GPU support

Real-time collaborations with comments feature

Premium integrations (Snowflake, SQL Server, BigQuery, Redshift, and more)

Web-based support


For teams with more security, compliance, and flexible deployments


Deploy Inference on your own Infrastructure

Multi-region storage

Audit Log API

Advanced auditing

Managed billing with yearly commits

Oupost Compute

Endpoints for Inference and Embeddings

Deploy models on managed infrastructure

Starting at

$0.01 / 1M tokens

Keep your cost low

Pay as you go for $1 or less per million tokens

Easy upgrade to dedicated endpoints


$0.06 / hour

Choose your hardware type, including A10G, A100, and H100

Deploy custom LLM, embedding models, and fine-tuned models

Dedicated endpoints with network isolation

Fully-managed autoscaling


Create powerful AI models

Starting at

$0.05 / hour

Automatic models training

Easy drag and drop interface

Monitoring and Evaluation

11 tasks available for Vision, NLP, and more

Models instantly available on the hub

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